Reunification therapy is becoming more widely used in divorce cases.  It is not a legal term nor is it a psychological term and depending on the circumstances, the purpose and goals vary. Consider the high conflict divorce cases where one parent is not seeing the child. Often, a court order is necessary whereby the purpose of reunification therapy is an attempt to identify the relationship between the child and the reunifying parent while identifying the stressors which have impacted the relationship. 


At Rising Sun Counseling Center, we will spend time individually with the child and with the reunifying parent before meeting with both of them together.  Moreover, we act as a container for the reunifying parent and child to safely address their relationship and make contact with the individual therapists as needed to coordinate treatment.   Sometimes adjunct individual therapy is useful when:  1) when the custodial parent may feel left out of the process and question the child and impose his/her feelings on the child which undermines the reunification process, then that parent could use his/her therapy to work on these issues; 2) if the child has significant concerns about seeing the reunifying parent then in addition to the individual sessions with the reunification therapist, an individual therapist for the child is recommended. As the therapist, we may keep the court appraised of any information we deem necessary at any time during the process in addition to a written or verbal report at the conclusion of reunification therapy.