Breaking the Cycle

Most people don’t grow up thinking they will be involved in domestic violence. Generally speaking, people don’t train themselves to spot the signs. Sure, tv shows are always using it in their stories, and there are a lot of women who are starting to speak up about it. But it’s not something our society has […]

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Somebody to Listen

Some people were made to fix problems. When you share your problems with them, the first thing they say is something about fixing it. They mean well, but it’s not always helpful to our souls and spirits. Sometimes the offer to fix a problem is just as irritating as the problem itself.  What we need […]

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Therapy Isn’t Linear

Our brains are complex machines that we don’t fully comprehend or control. So when something goes wrong in our bodies and our brains, getting it fixed isn’t simple. It’s not like having a broken part in your car. You can’t simply swap parts, reset the system, and go back to normal in a day.  The […]

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Give Your Thoughts A Fact-Check

As you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, you may see a news story that has been flagged for fact-checking. You may even be familiar with the website called Snopes, where the people who run it attempt to verify the accuracy of claims that appear on the internet. We all know that we can’t trust everything […]

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Just Breathe

Breathing sounds simple. We all do it.  But when we face challenges and triggers, our breathing is the first thing that gets messed up.  You may have even noticed that when you are struggling in a crisis, your breathing becomes short and choppy. And it’s worse for those of us who struggle with panic attacks, […]

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